Create An Environment That Is More Productive

Managing tasks, staying focused; being able to multitask and handle pressure all have become very important in today’s work life. You should know how valuable every single minute of your day is to the organization.

Different things push each of us off balance at work. Sometimes our work environment and personal habits can waste precious time without our knowledge. But there is one thing that distracts almost everyone in the office: loud colleagues. Then there are other distractions like social media, cell phones, continuous flow of emails, internet browsing, unscheduled appointments and also the continuous cacophony of keyboard typing, mouse clicks and scrolling. These all may take just few minutes to tackle but multiply this with a few minutes a day and it amounts to a nice solid block of time that could be used much more efficiently.

It’s not always easy to understand what exactly is killing the productivity, but there is a lot that could be done to increase it or help the employees stay focused. Let’s break the mold of the old office and encourage greater productivity in the advanced office setting.  Here are a few tips to help you out:

Time free Brakes: Setting up a time free brake. So as the employee can take breaks whenever the feel exhausted. This can increase the productivity as the employee will be free to take brakes as per their need. Breaks are highly important for the human brain.
Games and RNR: Having ping-pong or a pool table is highly welcomed. Rewords and recognition (RNR) play a very important part in motivation and hence result in boosting productivity.

Dress code is flexible: Enacting a flexible dress code that extends beyond simple “casual Fridays” could be a great rule for your office.

Natural light: Artificial lighting for long working hours can reduce productivity. Try to bring natural light into your office space. Employees love to sit next to a window which allows natural light to get in.

Add some plants: Humans are always near to nature. Adding plants to your office setting increases productivity.

Mandatory lunch break: Make your employees take a mandatory lunch break. Many employees skip meals which are unhealthy and can reduce productivity. Take away the sweets and go for healthier options like fruit and nuts etc

 Avoid disciplinary rules, pain-full surveys and feedback mechanisms. Productivity isn’t always about getting your employees to do as much work as possible in the smallest amount of time. It’s about creating an environment that makes people want to do their best. These mine inputs can improve their productivity and help improve a positive office ambiance.


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