Grow Wise And Rise With Failure

Getting Wise With Failure

Grow Wise With Failure

Lack of success, defeat, foundering, the omission of expected or desired outcome, negligence and oversight all are categorized as failure. Failure is unacceptable, it destroys moral and leads to anger and obstructs the thought process. It make one negative about their surrounding. Failure hurts, demotivates and weakens. It results blaming yourself for events that are outside your control. Failure is every where from professional life, i.e office-work, to personal life, i.e family and love.

Fail early, fail fast, fail often, as the saying goes.Ultimate success only come after failure. Grow Wise With Failure! Take a stand, rise up and go again.  Forget the word “try.” Although trying is better than not trying at all.

Welcome It. Welcome failure in every step as you grow, moving towards your dreams and goals. A single mantra of ‘Never Giving Up’ will help you stand and face failure.

The ability to recover from setback and moving forward is essential. Shift your perception and recognize their value of failure. It is only when you reach your goals after failure, that you will truly understand, why you face failure in the first place?

Knowing how to accept failures will help you become positive and use them to your advantage. Recognizing them, working on them will make you alert and aware, wise, experienced, clever, knowledgeable, enlightened and help you in good judgment.


3 thoughts on “Grow Wise And Rise With Failure

  1. Failure shouldn’t be something to fear. In fact, treat it as a friend and learn from it. Failure can teach you some very invaluable life lessons.


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